Welcome to BadnikNET!

BadnikNET is an independently-owned and operated public IRC server for the only people who matter: awesome people. We cater to the needs of tech, pop culture and video game-related sites with an emphasis on stability and quality.


09/10/09 - BadnikNET has completed its upgrade to Inspircd 1.2 and Anope 1.8.2. This update should allow for more features and faster performance by the server. As several users have requested SSL support, such ports should be available in the next few weeks.

Additionally, this site should receive some much-needed fleshing out over the next month to become a full-featured website to complement our IRC services. Stay tuned!

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  • Sonic Retro: Online
  • BadnikNET: Online
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  • not functioning--mockup)

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  • Sonic Retro
  • Mario Fan Games Galaxy
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